about us

Our Story of Success

A Perfect Blend of Sensational Food, Inspiring Ideas and Professional Staff

The Raju Halwai is Jaipur’s old and trusted brand of Food Catering Services. It is a journey from 1991 when It was just a usual name in the city and as far this name worked in its own flow, it increased people’s taste buds towards its quality foods and services.
Raju Halwai doesn’t compromise with the quality and hygiene of the food safety purpose which takes ‘em above the grid.

How Did We Start?

Since…. The Raju Halwai established since 1991 as a small business operated by a single person and his random team. As the business started growing, the random team became permanent and increased the level of experiences of several events and people’s choices of foods and taste as well.

What Makes Us Different?

The Raju Halwai is known for its Food catering Services and nowadays; they provide a theme party at your choice and organize an event above your imagination.

Raju Halwai’s specialty is its fast food corner. The Indian taste in every international cuisine makes the dish more relative to the nation’s taste. Hahaha… obviously, I don’t like those Chinese noodles into some boiled water even without our spicy tadka, Ain’t you?